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Keeping you in the know

We're excited to announce we're trying out a new notification system for our service repair calls which works by SMS text or email to help keep you in the know!


  1. Once you contact us requesting service, you'll receive a phone call back from our Service Manager to set up a day and time that works best for you (make sure we have your correct cell number &/or email on file)

  2. You'll receive a SMS text or email notifying you of the tentative time block which is a 2 hour window of your scheduled appointment

  3. Once our Service Tech is headed your way you'll receive another SMS text or email to allow you to keep track of their arrival on an included map

  4. After your service repair appointment is completed you will receive one last notification to let us know what you think about how we did and if your problem was completely taken care of

Some things to remember:

  • The way we operate our service repair calls has not changed. Please keep in mind appointments we set with you are tentative; service repair work is tricky and is difficult to pinpoint every time due to so many unforeseen circumstances dealing with buried components.

  • The tentatively scheduled appointment time we set is a time block window with an approximate time variance of 2 hours. We appreciate your patience as we work as efficiently as possible to take care of all our customers which may have a scheduled time block set up before yours.

  • Please bear with us as this is all new to all of us, we expect a few technological kinks may pop up every now and then; unfortunately GPS doesn't always tell us the exact places to go every single time. (We've all heard Siri saying, "Rerouting, Rerouting"...) Ugh.

  • Our top priority is YOU! We strive to get you and your irrigation system issue resolved as efficiently and effectively as possible. It is our desire to keep communication lines open between us so you know what's going on and there aren't any surprises or overlooks.

Please don't hesitate to let us know what you think about our new notification system. Your input determines whether we keep this new system in place (or not).

We appreciate every single one of you and do not take your trust in us to take care of your irrigation systems lightly.

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