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It's Time to Winterize

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

What can happen if you don't winterize your sprinkler system? Here in the Hill Country with its crazy changes in temperatures, damage to your irrigation system can range from minor inconveniences to major disaster, especially for those of you that have lake pumps.

If not winterized, water will be left in the pipes and pumps all winter. When temperatures get below freezing, the water freezes and expands which could cause cracks and breaking under the pressure.

Taking steps to winterize your system or have us come do it for you can help reduce the chances of:

  • cracked pipes and fittings

  • broken sprinkler heads

  • busted valves and lake pumps

Not winterizing your system won't always result in cracked, broken or busted parts, but it could even if something isn't showing up as broken right away the next Spring. It could cause leaks or breaks later in the spring season when you turn your system back on, which won't be a good or happy way to greet the new warmer weather.

As Benjamin Franklin says: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

If you haven't gotten your system winterized yet, now is the time to start or start thinking about it. The frost has been on the pumpkins already, and even though it's Texas, hard freezes are coming our way...

There are lots of tutorials online on how to winterize your system yourself, but if DIYing is not your thing, we'd be glad to come take care of it for you.

Get this task done today so that you can enjoy your Thanksgiving worry-free (when it comes to your sprinkler system, anyway...sorry, we can't help with what to do with your Cousin Eddie).

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