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Hey, neighbors!

Are you on the community neighborhood app Nextdoor?

It's time to vote for your favorites! Going on now through February 23rd. Do we make your favorites list??? ; )

For those of you not familiar with Nextdoor, it is a social media website & free app available on IOS & Android as a hub where you can go for trusted connections with those in your neighborhood. It's great for the exchange of helpful information, goods, & services as well as a place to shout out to help to those around you if your beloved Bowser has decided to be a runaway; & a great place to stay in-the-know about what's happening in your community.

When the historic flood of the Highland Lakes happened in 2018, it was a huge help to those in the area to connect to services needed & provided. That's when we found out about it ourselves.

You can also find a great deal of information about recommendations by YOUR neighbors on who they prefer to use for different services, restaurants, fun places to go to, etc.

*Disclaimer: no goods, services, or monetary gifts were exchanged by Nextdoor or its affiliates & our company in return for the contribution of this post*

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